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Default Re: Jeff has gone off the deep end

Originally Posted by badhatharry View Post
All of what you say could be true. But what I was narrowly responding to was Ocean's assertion that if a person is still being treated, that person is probably satisfied. I just think the psychoanalytic process can't really be described that way, considering the participants and for the reasons I described. This doesn't reflect any opinion I may have about the benefits of mental health practices, only the dilemma it embodies.

Just consider the power of the placebo effect.
Gotcha. The key word is probably, and it would be hard to measure, and hard rely on the accuracy of any measurement (bias, etc.)

As far as actual psychoanalysis (as opposed to other treatment modalities, such as cognitive therapy), I suppose it may have a higher incidence of abuse related to extended contact over time, trust in the therapist, reluctance to disappoint, etc.
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