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Default Re: Jeff has gone off the deep end

Originally Posted by Wonderment View Post
Congratulations SK! That comparison of Jeff and liberals to Nazis has to be among the top ten most ludicrous posts I've ever read on BH, and believe me, I've read thousands. Also, lots of extra credit points for inane verbosity.
Do you really want to engage in selective reading? I prefaced the Nazi portion with "let me digress." I finished with absolving your Gang of any genocidal tendencies. The in-group and out-group is clear. I did not try and hide any of it in obtuse language.

I'm sorry, it was an extreme example to get a point across. I don't think any of you are real life Nazis. I was clear about that. But your group thinks like Nazis, and that's just a basic human failing.
The mixing of populations lowers the cost of being unusual.
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