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Default Re: Jeff has gone off the deep end

Originally Posted by look View Post
Like any other line of work there are good practioners and bad. Lawyers, remodeling contractors, etc.

Yes, the situation you raise may be fairly common, but I think the wise therapist will establish ground rules at the beginning of treatment to specify that it's possible there will not be a good fit between therapist and patient (and that either may terminate the treatment), how long therapy is expected to last, etc.

I would wager that a bigger problem than mentally/emotionally coerced continuation of therapy is the abandonment of therapy by patients who are reluctant to 'do the work.'
All of what you say could be true. But what I was narrowly responding to was Ocean's assertion that if a person is still being treated, that person is probably satisfied. I just think the psychoanalytic process can't really be described that way, considering the participants and for the reasons I described. This doesn't reflect any opinion I may have about the benefits of mental health practices, only the dilemma it embodies.

Just consider the power of the placebo effect.
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