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Default Best of BHTV?

Hi All,
Long time podcaster (late 07) but have only recently started visiting the site. Getting a big kick out of revisiting some of the 07 and 08 diavlogs.

My Q- is there a list of best of BHTV or bhtv classic diavlogs on the site? Dont know how you'd track that, "most viewed" or "highest rated" are some of the stats you'd use at other sites, I suppose, but I was hoping someone had done a qualitative review and made a list of the real gems- a top ten list maybe. Help?

Here's my list
Any Achenbach or Kaus diavlog
Wright- Hewitt 9/2/08
Corn- York 9/21/06
Lindsey Frum- the one where Frum takes down Matt Lewis
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