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Default Re: Values Added: Fiddlesticks! (Sarah Posner & David Weigel)

Originally Posted by ohreally View Post
The issue is not 3rd party. The issue is turnout. OWS will not bother voting for a guy who "understands the frustration of the folks out there." The frustration? The frustration of the 18-25 year old cohort whose future is being wiped out before their very eyes. As long as Obama doesn't take on the mantle of the presidency and keeps behaving like the dog catcher "who just can't understand the mighty forces out there," he's toast. OWS is the final nail in the Obama coffin, the prez who never quite got it.
I've attended the protests in NYC. There's little if any noise being made on the ground about 2012, not even about "turnout." Yes, probably more in the MSM I'm sure, and even more on its way once it gets its talking points coordinated.
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