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Default Re: Moneybomb for Schiff on Saturday 2-21-2009

Originally Posted by TwinSwords View Post
For those who don't know, Peter Schiff was Ron Paul's economic advisor.
Thanks for the reminder, Twin. I'd forgotten where I'd heard that name.

Therefore, it seems worthwhile, for JoeK and anyone else who might be inclined to support Schiff, to have a look at Poverty Scorecard 2008, specifically the page for Texas. Scroll down and look for the voting record for Rep. Ron Paul.

I will go a long way in admiring the principles of self-reliance which libertarians love to espouse, including respecting it well past the point where I think their ideology ignores reality. But there comes a point where the attitude of fuck you, Jack, I got mine is just inexcusable. If Schiff is at all like Paul in the attitudes on display in this voting record ... well, there's probably no need to give voice to what I'd like to see happen to him.

(h/t: Sara K. Smith/Wonkette, for the link to the main PS2008 site.)

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