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Default Re: UN Plaza: Pay Attention to Sri Lanka!

Sri Lankan government banned all independent journalists from the affected area. NGOs are thrown out of Sri Lanka by the government. Why? To hide the truth and put the blame on LTTE. LTTE ask all journalists to come to the area and see the fact. They have nothing to hide. LTTE are sons and daughters of Tamil population. They are there to defend the rights of Tamils. Sinhala brutal military is killing Tamils. Sri Lankan Sinhala government is acting behave of Sinhala people only. Majority of the Sinhalese want to see the Island of Sri Lanka as a Sinhala Buddhist dominated country. For that, Sinhalese ruthless armed forces and Cruel Government is ready to wipe-out entire nation of Tamils in the Island. Sinhalese ego of power does not let the Tamils free
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