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Default Guest Recommendations (finance)

The meltdown of our financial system is an extremely important and complex topic. The first two people I would contact (and I'll send a tickler separately) are leading bloggers Barry Ritholtz (Bigpicture), Paul Kedrosky (Infectious Greed), Mike Shedlock (Globaleconomicanalysis), or anyone at Naked Capitalism or Calculated Risk willing to go on camera (maybe in disguise?). They might beg off and suggest someone else. Another way to go would be the academic route: Bob Shiller (Irrational Exuberance) would be a great get. I can provide other names and react to potential pairings if you ping me. I think the closest bhtv has come to guests who can cover these topics are Dan Gross and Jimmy P., who I think are fine journalists, but don't have the same depth as either a scholar or a market participant.
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