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Default Re: Science Saturday: Confronting the Right Wing

Originally Posted by Wonderment View Post
If you met a Cheyenne surgeon in New York City, and he mentioned to you that he's an atheist (or a Christian), his identity would make perfect sense to you. It's unlikely that you'd write a post saying, "Hey, I met this really weird guy who claims to be a Cheyenne atheist."
This seems to be a very apropos example. I can think of no group of people who would be more unlikely to consider themselves atheists than indigenous Americans. Were I to meet a surgeon of Cheyenne descent who happened to confide in me that he were an atheist, I would in fact find it strange.

I realize that you are simply trying to point out to me that a tribe is a tribe is a tribe. But an atheist of Cheyenne descent is, to me, as discordant as an atheist of Jewish descent.
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