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Default Re: Bob's comments monovlog

I canít get the mono-vlog to play. Was it good?

Let me state for the record that reading the comments is the only reason that I really like to come to BHtv. I view the actual bloggingheads as being nothing more then rather talented and entertaining facilitators of the more elevated discourse that follows them afterwards in the forum. Thatís why I am so devastated and disappointed at Mickey Kausís blatantly admitted disdain for commenters. Thatís why, despite his participation in the creation of bloggingheads, and despite the fact that he actually does sometimes have an idea, Iím not going to listen to any of his contributions again. And with regard to his arcane labyrinthine tortuous quagmire of a blog on SlateÖ, Iím not going to read it anymore. So there.
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