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Default Re: Profile in courage: Oregon governor John Kitzhaber

I'm also upset at the way that this autocratic Louis XIV-wannabe is attempting to be the law, even though there are duly enacted Oregon laws providing for the death penalty.

From the statement issued by Kitzhaber:

I could have commuted Mr. Haugen’s sentence – and indeed the sentences of all those on death row -- to life in prison without the possibility of parole. I did not do so because the policy of this state on capital punishment is not mine alone to decide. It is a matter for all Oregonians to decide. And it is my hope – indeed my intention – that my action today will bring about a long overdue reevaluation of our current policy and our system of capital punishment. Personally, I favor replacing the death penalty with life in prison without the possibility of parole and will argue for that policy in any future debate over capital punishment in Oregon. Others will point to opportunities to speed appeals or change the criteria for death penalty cases. In any event we can no longer ignore the contradictions and inequities of our current system. I am calling on the legislature to bring potential reforms before the 2013 legislative session and encourage all Oregonians to engage in the long overdue debate that this important issue deserves.
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