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Default Re: harkin, Harkin, ... HARKIN!

Originally Posted by Hal Morris View Post
Ah, so it's one of those things for people with a bit of a martyr complex or maybe I should say martyr schtick who always imagine they're fighting the overwhelming forces of ignorant orthodoxy -- like "MSM" or "PC".

Like Columbus proclaiming to the ignorant world that the earth is round. Oh, we love those moments -- "They laughed when I sat down at the piano".

Funny, that used to be a liberal vice/pose, but then the right has acquired all the vices of 60s "Underground newspaper" writers, without giving up any of their original vices in exchange.
"Used to be" is an interesting way to describe it. Sounds like past tense. One wonders then about the liberals who pretend that any dissent on matters related to addressing climate change, or questions about its prime contributor, are the equivalent of Holocaust deniers, funded by a cabal of the "Powers That Be". Or liberals who pretend they're Civil Rights activists when passing a gargantuan health care program that few people like.

The only difference between the modern left and these guys is that these guys look like they're having more fun:
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