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Default Re: Jim is completely wrong on Romney

Originally Posted by thouartgob View Post
I would say that one big difference is that Koch Bros. have lots of money and power and can make things happen or at least affect things in a way that barely remembered lefty academics can. With more of the media owned by fewer people/entities I think the rich/powerful should just get used to the scrutiny.

Until, of course, they are able to so demonize such scrutiny as unamerican
Well said.

Another difference: Alinsky was all about organizing the poor to help them get a few crumbs. The Koch Bros and their minions are all about increasing their already swollen share of the pie and conning the mouth-breathers into thinking this is a good thing.

Another: The Koch Bros are alive and kicking. This has not been true in Alinsky's case for, oh, about forty years now.
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