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Default Heather Hurlburt & Daniel Drezner

Originally Posted by Diane1976 View Post
It's not clear to me how Iran could retaliate any more than Iraq. They both seem like sitting ducks to me, not necessarily a good reason for attacking them based on some "defence" rationale. Maybe you could explain. I guess you mean that Iran could help some terroist group to fire off a couple of rockets at Israel before it goes under.
It all depends on how the attack would happen. A few weeks ago on BHTV we heard Larry Derfner say if Israel attacks Iran they are committing mass suicide so certain people in Israel don't see Iran as a sitting duck.

Here's a little taste of what American planners would expect if the US strikes Iran.

Edit: And bear in mind that a tactical strike against Iranian nuclear targets would at best just delay it by a couple/few years. And also bear in mind that according to the US' own intelligence the Iranians are not even working on a nuclear weapons program.

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