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Default Re: Fearless Predictions (Heather Hurlburt & Daniel Drezner)

The audio if isolated at the end as Dan was showing his office sounded like a man being swallowed by his office.

This is another pairing I will really miss. Fortunately, Heather has been on Up with Chris Hayes on msnbc, and I hope she returns there too.

On North Korea, what Heather says is called the "long view" by Marcus Noland. North Korea is very patient and measures time by the tenure of its leaders in office not years. It's like the old way of counting years by the monarch's or dynasty's beginning date. Most responsible commentators want stability, but none of them are South Korean, who left or right ideologically want some sort of unification. And then, there are the neocons and lib internationalists who gauge North Korea by its nukes and human rights record and want regime change. They have the moral high ground. North Korea punditry is such a tight clique, but this past week showed that pundits and non-expert generalists like Heather can still manage to ignore the perspectives that don't fit their worldview.
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