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Default Re: Heather Hurlburt & Daniel Drezner

Originally Posted by Diane1976 View Post
It's not clear to me how Iran could retaliate any more than Iraq. They both seem like sitting ducks to me, not necessarily a good reason for attacking them based on some "defence" rationale. Maybe you could explain. I guess you mean that Iran could help some terroist group to fire off a couple of rockets at Israel before it goes under.
Well, Iran is more militarily robust than Iraq was.

Tell me what you think of this scenario: US imposes sanctions. Iran tries to close the gulf. US intervenes to protect shipping. Iran sinks two oil tankers. US bombs Iranian naval assets. Iran throws a fit; declares war; fires on US ships. Obama ignores declaration; takes advantage of confusion to bomb some known Uranium enrichment facilities. Iran's leadership is in chaos. Romney is tongue-tied. Obama wins election; removes sanctions, declares peace.

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