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Default Re: Dan Savage and Ta-Nehisi Coates

Originally Posted by Downpressor View Post
based on interesting Coates posts on homophobia (like this one: http://ta-nehisicoates.theatlantic.c..._lifestyle.php) I think a Dan Savage/Ta-Nehisi Coates Diavlogue would be awesome. I think it would also be good to get Dan Savage in a forum where he doesnt have to be on the super defensive/offensive and can just be the smart, insightful, and funny guy that he is.
Good suggestion. I'd also like to hear Dan Savage independent of waiting until the next slot with Ta-Nehisi opens up.

P.S. Just 'cause I'm anal, I recommend/ask you to repost your suggestion in the "New diavloggers we'd like to see" thread. No particular reason, except it's nice to see all the suggestions as they accumulate over time.
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