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Originally Posted by nikkibong View Post
Speaking of which, here are some of my all time favorites:

-Mark Kleiman and Heather Mac Donald
-Glenn Loury and Heather Mac Donald
-Bob and Harry Shearer
-Will Wilkinson and Jim Holt
I also really liked the Kleiman and MacDonald one.

This would be good: if maybe there were a page with some amount of generally-agreed-upon good ones.

The ones I remember really liking:
+ Kleiman and MacDonald
+ The first Wright and Achenbach
+ McWhorter and Lowry right after Obama's election
+ Lindsey and Frum about the 70s
+ Kleiman and McArdle about drugs
+ Kaus and Long (are there more than 1?)
+ several Wright and Kagen
+ Wright and Kaus, lots, but the first one they talk about Ann Coulter is the archetype
+ Wright and Kinsley

There are probably others ... I should think.

Here, I want to bring up something about trolling for old diavlogs that I don't like: I want the date to include the year. I get confused in the archives and don't know what year I'm in!

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