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Default The slippery slope has now become a cliff

So I've been trying to figure out where the line is being drawn to censor comments from the main forum sections and send a thread to the purgatory dungeon.

I have understood the policy when an interaction between commenters degrades into silly name calling or unnecessary vacuous insults. But today another line has been crossed. This time it seems that a negative opinion based on a diavlogger's statements is censurable. The thread was thrown into the dungeon under a "moralizing" title of "what happens when you start a conversation by calling someone dishonest?"

It looks like when a diavlogger is thought to be dishonest and the arguments are clearly made and the facts presented, it is still off limits for BhTV censors. This policy is now clearly impinging on one's right to express an opinion. This is not about name calling.

What happens when censorship in a comment section starts to become absurd? Well, some commenters may decide to stop commenting in the main section, or stop commenting altogether, or leave the site and look for another more reasonable place where to comment.

And this is exactly what I will be considering to do in the next few days. Enough is enough.
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