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Originally Posted by badhatharry View Post
Billy Holiday...the list is long.

Great story and I am eternally ashamed about the crap you had to endure but here's my take...Whitney doesn't come close to your experience (Etta probably does).

Whitney was given the world on a silver platter. She looked at it and upended it. She's not the only one, of course, but her generation doesn't hold a candle to yours.

However... that girl could sing.
the crap one has to endure is relative to one’s frame of mind. family is the crucial element in emotional stability. i stand on the shoulders of giants. i don’t know about Whitney’s family other than the artistic make-up(show-biz). being Aretha’ s god-child is not actually a compliment. character is a strange metric, but it is our structual foundation. i don’t know, time is funny, but pain is where you find it.

in terms of what has happened to african-americans in this country, i’ve lived a priviledged life. i was a star up until i was 12 yrs. old and my dyslexia kicked in. i was miseriable until at 13 years of age i read that “there is nothing so uncommon as common-sense”. then i reasoned, that “then what is common must be uncommon-sense”. every since then things kind-of fell into place and, i have just been unhappy! it sounds trivial, yet i find it a reasonal trade-off. i am content!

from 13 on, everynight i listened to Billy Holiday and John Coltrane before i went to bed. i would wake-up to “lazy bone” by Sonny Stitt. i am impossible to get along with, but my wife of 45 yrs has managed it. i guess she says like Billy did “the difficult i’ll do right now, the impossible will take a little while, i say, i’ll care forever, and i mean forever, even if i have to hold up the sky, crazy they call me, sure i’m crazy, crazy in love am i”.

i met trane in “64” at the half note in new york. his manager had brought me, my sister, and two friends to the club. i asked trane if he would play “I want to talk about you”(the tune that i listened to almost every night from his soultrane album). he was drunk, and looked at me and said “no kid i am too far beyond that”. i apologized for bothering him, and went back to my seat and gulped down a drink (the table was full of drinks, because there was a 2 drink minumum, and they brought them all at once). all in all, it was a hell of a good night!!

A Love Supreme, A Love Supreme!!!

Jimmy Garrison!!!!!!!!

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