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Originally Posted by Uhurusasa View Post
i am biased, but i feel that many who want to help/save addicts are worse than the chemicals of the addiction. the human element is critical. the subject that i wrote about, and the people in these situations are beneath too many high and mighty people, imho. the body heals itself, we can only inhibit, or facilitate the process.
I'm sorry that you feel that way. I really wonder whether your opinion is based on those earlier experiences that you describe.

Currently many if not most, of the alcohol or drug abuse counsellors are people who are in recovery themselves. They've been through the same hell as those that they try to help. When people come for help they may be ready for change or not. In my experience it's only a minority of them that is ready and succeeds. But most will come back until their time for recovery clicks.

Those who are studying the physiological / psychological aspects of addictions (not the clinicians as above) are a different crowd. They tend to look at this problem with the same intellectual curiosity as any other researcher. They're more detached from the everyday experience of addictions, but it isn't all that relevant because they don't have much contact with those who have the problem.

And then there's people like me. I don't have personal experience with drugs, and addictions isn't my area of expertise. But, it is one of the many problems that people that I see and try to help daily come with. I wish I could do more for them, but as you said before, we can only assist in a process that starts inside, the motivation to stop using. We can assist, or enable, facilitate or inhibit or block. But the only true, lasting, recovery has to go through a deep internal process. It's wonderful to see when people get it and kick the habit (so to speak), and sad when someone falls victim of the most tragic consequences.
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