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Default Re: Non-Scenery-Chewing Oscar Edition

Originally Posted by chiwhisoxx View Post
Maybe if your original post was more than "everything sucks, hollywood blows, I can find better stuff all over the place, blah blah blah" and made an actual coherent argument about specific points, people would be more inclined to respond to it? Or maybe people just realized you'd throw mean spirited ad hominem attacks at them even if they took the time to respond seriously. I eagerly await your insults to my IQ and brain function.
In I'msoawesome's (very) limited defense, it's not like he's the only person on the internet that can't tell the difference between an opinion and an argument. But yes, if this guy were worth responding to seriously this would be a good post. Since he isn't worth such a response, it suffers in comparison to most of the other responses, which all had the virtue of taking less time to write that could have been spent doing something else.
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