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Default Re: Clinton, Palin, and Feminism (Rebecca Traister & Hanna Rosin)

Originally Posted by Florian View Post
Your English is as obscure as your "logical" politics. What is a "tangible" description of a political position anyway?
Public opinion polling.

I have no idea, and neither do you, what you mean by a "logical" approach to politics.
I was seeking to explain how it is that Jeff would describe his process in determining his views.

If you think that "libertarian conservativism" is a logical, mainstream position in American politics, then I think you need to review the meaning of conservatism and perhaps brush up your on logic: the last I heard the principle of contradiction still stands.
If you fail to understand what I was actually saying then perhaps you should brush up on your English. I have a far greater grasp of American political science than you do, so do not condescend to me.
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