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Default Re: "Education Reform", Obama's relationship with teachers, LA Times piece...

Originally Posted by Whatfur View Post
....Who's crying now...
Speaking of re-gifting the medicine... here's a tired ploy from poor dipshits hit parade (see above).
See how his true colors shine brilliantly in the full illumination of his rage?
Exquisite, I must say.
We all exist here on a level playing field, and it's tragic that your bullshit just doesn't wash most of the time. Even more tragic is the fact that you are too blind or too brainwashed to see it, and you just can't contain your irritation with those who hold up the mirror.
So go ahead and vent, babyfur, it's your tea party, and you can cry if you want to. But don't forget, you are the one who barged in on this thread, linking to your inane echo chamber horseshit, and were just too weak to weather the blowback.
"God is a metaphor for that which trancends all levels of intellectual thought. It's as simple as that." J. Campbell

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