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Default Re: "Education Reform", Obama's relationship with teachers, LA Times piece...

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Please reconsider; a mind is a terrible thing to waste.
Thanks, well I thought ignoring graz and handle might work but as you can see although I continue in that arena, they have now formed a little girls club and continue their harrassment. Jeff, the coward that he is, has jumped in one 2 many times to feed these trolls and like he says it won't matter to him if like those two boobs I start harrassing his posts with constant insult. I think its time he feels a little of what I have put up with day in and day out for months.

As for graz, I can see he is a little confused. He tries to equate his targetted, non-sensical, harrassment to my involvment here. Aint' he a rattle? ;o) All's I can suggest to you for a response to him would be a linking to maybe Joyce Sim's version of "Who's crying now?".
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