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Default Re: Single diavlogger seeks same for stimulating conversation

Originally Posted by hamandcheese View Post
Topics I'm Interested in Discussing:

* The Shallowness of Right-wing Libertarianism (as a former Ron Paul supporter turned Keynesian Social Democrat)
* Ayn Rand and objectivism (its cult status; its philosophical backbone; etc.)
* The problems of the Environmental movement and the New Left
* Anti-capitalism and why I think capitalism is great, even as a social democrat.
* Ethics and Morality
* The Evolution of God (esp. a discussion on bob's Logos arguments for a 'higher purpose' as someone who liked the book but found that part to be wanting)
* Any Epistemology subject
* Atheism and humanism (as an atheist humanist)
* Virtually anything economics, particularly theory.
* Nihilism/Existentialism as someone who thinks the normal arguments against them are weaker then they should be.
Sounds like fascinating subject matter - especially the first two and fourth bullets. I hope you find a diavlog partner. Maybe claymisher or Bobby G would be good candidates, as I'm sure both could opine thoughtfully on those topics.

I'm curious, when did you become a "former" Ron Paul supporter? Are you one of the few living Americans who was actually aware of Paul's existence prior to his 2008 presidential campaign? Or a recent convert? My brother (god help him) voted for Ron Paul in 1988, when he was running on the Libertarian ticket.
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