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Default Scientists reach out to the public

Hostility toward biologists would not diminish, and may increase, if they did a better job explaining evolutionary theory. When, in 2005, John Calvert and friends were corrupting the Kansas science standards, they included the statement, "Biological evolution postulates an unpredictable and unguided natural process that has no discernible direction or goal." You can quibble with the word "unpredictable", seeing as you can't always get what you want but you always get what you select, but, on the whole, the statement would be unobjectionable to biologists. Nevertheless, the Kansas folks included it because they expected it to be inflammatory and, in fact, it was removed from the 2007 standards. Theologically conservative Americans' objection to evolutionary theory isn't so much that they don't understand it as that they don't like what it reveals. There isn't much that biologists can do about that, although they should continue to confront it as citizens.

Anyway, Itchhyostega says you have a big future on dry land.
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