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Default Re: Values Added: Refuted By Facts (Mark Kleiman & Harold Pollack)

Thanks for your thoughts.

I think it's interesting to develop practices that would address motivation in Person B types. That's the kind of nuance in treatment approaches that I think Kleiman doesn't pay much attention to because he's mostly interested in the law enforcement bottom lines. I get that perspective, but I'm concerned that it is sometimes incompatible with a patient-centered approach.

Your take on long-term methadone addiction ("maintenance") is one example. For Kleiman, as long as the junkie is not mugging, tricking or dealing to support her habit, it's all good. From the public health standpoint, it's also probably a win, but for the individual a lifetime on methadone does not constitute recovery from the disease.

I too was happy to see Kleiman dismiss the "medical" marijuana business as a "racket," which is the same term I used to describe it in the previous thread, much to the ire of a couple of other commenters.

I thought the discussion of the Colorado initiative to legalize was interesting, in that both Mark and Harold seemed to agree that if it passes (or if a similar CA initiative were to get on the ballot and pass), it would be a game changer nationally.
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