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Default Re: Exercises of Insanity (Adam Serwer & Michael Moynihan)

Hmm...a left wing guy and a liberaltarian complaining about Fox, and saying that MSNBC is more balanced than Fox (LOL!!!)

Ok guys, some facts:
MSNBC had NO conservative commentators on their election coverage. Fox had around 5 liberals. MSNBC's coverage team consisted of a group of highly partisan liberals, led by Olberann and Chris ("HAVE YOU BEEN HYPNOTIZED") Matthews, whereas Fox had Chris Wallace, who is widely respected (heck even Jon Stewart praised him).

In 2008, MSNBC ran 78% negative stories on McCain. Fox ran 49% negative on Obama.

So cut this nonsense about MSNBC being less biased than Fox, because you are utterly mistaken. MSNBC is for the left what liberals believe Fox is for the right. The problem is that this is a result of Fox derangement syndrome.
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