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Default Re: The hesitancy heard around the world..

No. You don't get it my misinformed reader;

"Amnesty International is calling on the government of Iran to stop using the Basij militia to police demonstrations with immediate effect. The call follows reports that the members of the militia have used excessive force against demonstrators and is made in the light of the history of abuses committed by this unaccountable branch of the security forces. "

"19 June 2009
Seven prominent political leaders are thought to be at risk of torture or other ill treatment, after they were arrested this week in connection with their perceived views on Iranís disputed presidential election. They should be released immediately and unconditionally."

If you believe that America should stand with her hands behind her back while atrocities are committed against human beings who want freedom then I invite you to live in Iran, or any other dictatorship for a few months. You will come back with a fresh appreciation for freedom.

It is dictators who oppress people and the cowards of freedom turn their heads and whistle que sera sera.
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