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Default Re: An Important Note to Our Valued Commenters from Bob

Originally Posted by stephanie View Post
Yes, I read through that after the fact, and it definitely demonstrated the limits. Really a shame.

The new format also makes it impossible to continue discussions or for new people to jump in after the fact (saving me some time today, I shouldn't complain). :-)

I think it would be beneficial to all -- assuming Bob doesn't want this forum to die and sees some credit to him and the site from the best discussions -- for there to be a way to continue discussions on the thread that go beyond the diavlog and into the topic or just go into the topic in great depth. Something like when it gets impossible to reply any more that it's acceptable to take it to this forum and a run-off thread. IMO, Bob et al. are just concerned that there are comments upfront. As long as how we use this forum isn't a competitor that interferes with that, I doubt they have an interest in 100 post long threads or discussions which continue well-past the posting of new diavlogs.

I doubt anyone from TPTB are reading here, but I think it would be worth talking through these issues and what we'd like and then presenting Bob et al. with a proposal that we think also serves his needs, as expressed.
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