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Default The new dingalinking -- minor flaw

It used to be that at the end of a dingalink, IIRC, there was some obvious visual cue about how to continue playing the video from that point onward.

The new implementation does not offer anything obvious like this. Yes, one can click the Clear Clip button and then the X button to get rid of the overlay screen, and then click the play button, but this does not seem to me like it would be at all intuitive to a new visitor.

I understand that sharing dingalinked clips is a new high priority item, to attract new visitors, and so I can understand why the overlay screen as it now presents comes back up at the end of playing a dingalink -- in the interest of making it easy for a clip to go viral. But I think it is at least as important, if not more so, to offer the easiest possible way into the site. If a dingalinked clip is interesting to someone new, we want that person to be able to share, yes, but I believe we also want that person (or a different sort of person) to be able to continue listening to a diavlog with one click.

I propose a new overlay screen that appears at the end of a dingalink that offers three prominent buttons: Continue, Replay, and Share. The first two are self-explanatory, and the third could launch what we now see at the end of playing a dingalink:


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