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Default Problems with video playback

I am starting this thread as a place for people to note problems with the video streaming. ogieogie and BlogginNoggin registered some complaints in one of the diavlog threads which I share, and I thought it might be more helpful gather them here.

My own observations:

I would estimate that during the past couple of weeks or so, the diavlog has just flat-out stopped partway through, as though the end had been reached, on at least three occasions. In one diavlog, IIRC, it happened several times. (I am not counting the diavlog that was noted by a site admin as a known problem.) That is, I'm not talking about just stalling (which I also experience); the slider goes back to the start, indicating that the player has lost track of the current position. The diavlog in question will start again (from the beginning) if I click Play or reload the page.

As BN notes, I don't think it's a problem with the Flash plug-in that I'm using, since video streams fine on other sites. To be fair, though, I don't watch very many other hour-long streams apart from those on this site.
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