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Default Re: Jim is completely wrong on Romney

Originally Posted by rcocean View Post
I have a lot of problems with Huckabee. First, he's a flake, who takes some odd positions on a lot of issues (like pardoning criminals because they've come to Jesus) and then justifying it with some Biblical quotation. Secondly, just like McCain who doesn't really give a damn about anything except Defense and Foreign policy, Huckabee doesn't seem to truly care about anything except Social issues.

Like McCain, Huckabee seems to be guided by political expediency on everything outside his core beliefs. One day he's refusing to sign a "No new taxes pledge" 'cause its "irresponsible", then he takes some heat, and suddenly he wants to get rid of the Income tax and the IRS and substitute a VAT Tax! One day he wants to get rid of the Cuban embargo, then he takes some political heat, and flip-flops and says he only was for lifting because it would help Arkansas Rice farmers. Same with illegal immigration. One day he's for open borders and Amnesty and anyone who disagrees is a "racist" and hates Jesus (He weirdly quotes the "Good Samaritan Story"), then he takes political heat, and suddenly he's in favor of building a "goddamn fence" (Mccain's description)" and draconian border enforcement.

So despite his talking a good game, I don't have the slightest idea what he'd do as President.
Okay, I suppose I mostly agree with you on Huckabee. (I think the same is true for Palin, who you like, but perhaps that's because Huckabee has been more obvious on some of your hot buttons, like immigration and crime. I was thinking too narrowly of economics and social issues.)

(I deleted the last sentence, with which I obviously do not agree, since I suppose you are insistent upon refusing to see that even liberals can be people of good faith more similar to you than you'd like to admit. Easier to justify what you don't like about those on your side if the opposition is demonized.)
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