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Default Re: Newtmentum! (David Weigel & Chris Moody)

Originally Posted by apple View Post
Mormonism is a cult, and not a moral one at that. Unlike what David claims, it's not just fundamentalists who have a problem with Mormonism. Hitchens isn't exactly a fundamentalist. People who believe that God told Joseph Smith that polygamy is OK, only to retreat in the face of opposition in Congress, are dangerously irrational.

There's nothing wrong with criticizing people's religions. David rightly pointed that out by bringing up Scientology. Would it be wrong to criticize Scientology, or Scientologists, especially when they are running for office? If you believe that Xenu used nuclear weapons against the overpopulated earth 4.5 billion years ago, I don't trust you on anything.
I thought Xenu used the planet as a dumping ground for innocent alien souls. Just goes to show you how society has failed to properly educate us all on modern faith.
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