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Default Re: Single diavlogger seeks same for stimulating conversation

Don Zeko said:

So I'd like to do an apollo DV in which I argue that American political institutions, i.e. the filibuster, holds, the electoral college, etc. etc. etc. need major reform. Anybody interested in disagreeing with me for a half hour on this stuff?
I don't want to disagree with you, because I tend to agree. I do have a suggestion, though, and that is that, if you find a willing partner, you focus on the book by Robert Dahl, "How Democratic is the American Constitution?" This is a strange suggestion to make, perhaps, because I have not read the book, although I just ordered it. I did read a lengthy review of the book when it appeared.

In Frank Rich's NYT column of last Sunday, he refers to a recent statement or speech or article, it's not clear what, by Alan Brinkley, a sort of left-wing historian at Columbia, to the effect that the American system is in a state of sclerosis that is preventing America from confronting its many serious problems (education, structural federal deficit, etc.). But when I clicked on Rich's link to Brinkley, I got more or less nowhere, and I could not find out what Rich was referring to by using Google either.

On the radio show "Left, Right, and Center," to which I listen regularly, there were one or two recent segments posing the question of whether the American political system is in crisis. Answer, going right to left: Tony Blankley, "No," Matt Miller, "Yes", Arianna Huffington, "Yes", Robert Scheer, "No," at least I think Scheer implied a no. I would not swear to this. He might have been equivocal. But my guess would be that the only respondent who is really looking at the question seriously from an institutional point of view is Matt Miller. Brink Lindsey just said, at the end of a diavlog with Josh Cohen, that he, Lindsey, unlike some progressives, does not think that the American political system is in crisis.

I think this is something bhtv should be exploring and has not been. I like your general idea for a diavlog.

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