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Default Re: Gingrich-Kleiman 2012

Originally Posted by badhatharry View Post
That's too bad, but hopefully you will be inspired sometime in the future. If it is a critique it's certainly not the kind Krugman habitually lays on people with whom he disagrees.
No you misunderstood me, Cato is "the" libertarian think tank and I think I know what they have to say about Krugman ...

I don't care how they feel about immigrants of they can solve the extant problems. Besides just because Kleinman recognizes that drug addicts like to get high doesn't mean he has contempt for them.

Have you ever heard George Carlin or Robin Williams talk about addicts? I doubt they have contempt, but rather are very familiar with the personality.
Kleiman is not recognizing that drug addicts like to get high (which is not a point really, nobody gets hooked on broccoli) and it was not the way Carlin or Robin Williams talk about addicts either. I have watched Kleiman talk about this and I think he is not neutral about drug users at all. And objectivity is important, to make it clearer let me give you a more extreme situation: do you think having a racist in charge of immigration policy is a good idea?
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