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Default Re: Bomb Iran? (Flynt Leverett & Reuel Gerecht)

Originally Posted by Don Zeko View Post
We're not suggesting that you have no credibility on this issue because you thought Iraq had WMD's in 2002. Lots of people, including myself, did, although we should have at least had more doubts about the issue. The problem is that, 8 years after the fact, you persist in that belief despite evidence to the contrary that's about as conclusive as anything can possibly be in political debate. In 2010, if you go around saying that Saddam really did have WMD's, you're lying, irrational, stupid, or perhaps some unholy combination of the three.
Really, Brenda? I've been more sanguine than most about the new comments policy, but I find it hard to support a standard that the above post violates. It's pretty clear that I was addressing the specific claim that Whatfur was making, and I was doing so in a far more substantive way than Whatfur addresses, well, anything. If we're really going to have a set of forum rules in which you aren't allowed to draw any conclusions about specific commenters at all, that's a serious limit on debate that far outweighs the modest increase in front-page civility it might create.
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