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Default Re: An Advertisement for Openness (Glenn Greenwald & Matt Welch)

Originally Posted by Wm. Blaxton View Post
In misrepresenting Chomsky as a crypto totalitarian, you've given them an excuse to keep defending him. There's enough wrong with Chomsky's stated views that there's no need to imagine that he's Stalin on the Charles.
It's hardly misrepresenting when he's on record propagandizing for the Khmer Rouge and when he explicitly rejects the notion of private property, which is the cornerstone of individual liberty in western civilization--this dates all the way back to John Locke and was at the foundation of the American state. You can not have a free society without a right to property, because otherwise society can demand anything of you--your goods, your labor, etc., because everything that you have is subject to the demands of the government.

Chomsky is just too dishonest to actually explicate the inevitable outcome of his philosophy.

I don't know about AEM, but Keefe is a pretty fair-minded guy. "Deranged" and "militant" are a bit much, no?
Maybe we're reading two different posters. He is a blatant hypocrite (criticizing others for dehumanizing terms while constantly using them himself), and upon being called out on being a hypocrite, he simply upped the hypocrisy. His Palin derangement syndrome extends to obsessing over and insulting Palin's teenage daughter. He constantly misrepresents arguments of others, assumes bad faith, and generally behaves in the manner of someone with a very real mental illness.
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