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Default Re: The Week in Blog: Negative Feedback Edition (Chris Moody & Matt Lewis)

Maybe I'm missing something, but:
1) Healthcare reform hasn't exactly happened yet
2) There have been no increases in entitlement programs or relaxation in eligibility requirements for college tuition support, housing, or food/nutrition support. There have not been any laws passed expanding access to any of these things.
3) Treasurer Secretary Tim Geithner, a former chairman of the New York Federal Reserve Bank and engineer of the TARP program, is not exactly the guy you are likely to expect to see manning the barricades of protesters condemning the market system.
4) Obama has cut taxes. He also agreed with the Republicans to extension of the Bush tax cuts.
5) Working classes wages continue to shrink. The share of national income that goes to the lower 4 quintiles of the population continues to shrink. The redistribution of wealth towards the wealthiest Americans, a trend that has been in place for the past 30 years, has continued under the Obama administration.

Certainly there are issues where conservatives can take issue with Obama, but it's intellectually incoherent to accuse him of attempting to overthrow the market system while he, Mr. Bush and Mr. Boehner all followed Wall Street's lead and agreed to enactment of the TARP legislation. There has been no redistribution of wealth toward middle class or poor Americans. The policies of the Obama Administration have down nothing to reduce the trend toward greater disparities in income and wealth that have been evolving for the past 30 years.
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