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Default Re: Katherine's pants are on fire

Originally Posted by Parallax View Post
Huh? You replied to my comment on Mangu-Ward, you actually quoted it. But there is no logical connection between what you are talking about and my original comment.
I guess I have gone pretty far afield of your original thought. Sorry.

So your main complaint is the trillion she mentioned rather than the 787 billion you are calling the stimulus.
Here's a graphic that addresses her point, I guess (but I won't swear to it).

But in my defense I still don't think this makes any sense: how is this related to the fact that the US government did NOT spend more $1000 billion dollars like Mangu-Ward says

What does more $1000 billion mean? And please don't say that a thousand billion is the same as a trillion because more trillion wouldn't make any sense either.
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