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Default Re: Katherine's pants are on fire

Originally Posted by apple View Post
Republicans commonly refer to all the funds appropriated by the stimulus bill as "spending". Yes, it's hypocritical, because they generally protest it when cutting taxes are referred to as spending, but her main point, I think, is that the stimulus bill had no effect. Certainly, the aid to the states was moronic - as those jobs would be lost later on anyway.
It is no hypocritical it is simply wrong! This is not a matter of debate even, it is simply falsifying an event that happened less than 4 years ago. It would be like claiming that the GOP controlled the House in 2007 and then arguing a point on that basis.

Also, you actually think you're going to get a correction, even if your point is correct? Good luck with that.
In these situations I always do this even if the chances are slim. It eliminates the I did not know and nobody asked me to excuses later.
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