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Default Is reducing carbon emissions a lost cause?

Originally Posted by Ms. Mangu-Ward
We are like "not without China". China is like "not with China"
It is indeed questionable if a tax on carbon emissions to economic sectors that are readily outsourced to nations where no such tax exists will reduce aggregate carbon emissions, at least without restrictive trade policy. I believe we should have a carbon tax but I am wary of imposing trade restrictions that will in all likelihood cause more suffering in third world nations then global warming will cause all of us. For this reason I only support a partial carbon tax levied only at economic sectors that cannot be easily outsourced because of practical considerations. Specifically; Cement production & the fraction of electricity production not associated with industrial and commercial enterprises at risk for outsourcing. It may not be possible to meet the goal of keeping a rise of less then 2K with current international relation considerations, but that we do not does not mean that we will all suddenly be okay with a rise of 5K. The aforementioned sectors are responsible for a large measure of our carbon emissions so they are a good place to start now towards the goal we eventually will get serious about, be that 2K,3k,4k, or beyond.

So the above is really just a long way of me saying that the "not without China" and "meaningless without China" phrases so commonly heard are really nothing but the equivalent of "since we can't do everything, let's do nothing".
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