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Default Re: Katherine's pants are on fire

Originally Posted by Parallax View Post
Last time she was here, she said US federal government spent a trillion dollars and did not have anything to show for it. In a post I explained how her claim was simply wrong. Now she is saying that US spent more than a trillion dollars and did not get anything. Which is a bigger lie than the original one. I don't what to say, either she thinks we (her audience) are so dumb she can get away with it or working in reason magazine (the irony) has made her immune to reality.
Sadly, her megaphone is much bigger than yours, and for that reason, plus one other*, she can, in fact, get away with it. It's a lie she tells in concert with many others on the right, including Fox News and AM talk radio. The lie has probably been told half a million times by different conservatives on radio and television since 2009.

But thank you for telling the truth, nevertheless.

*The other reason, apart from her big megaphone, is that her audience has been trained to be especially pliant and manipulable. They're a group of people who will dismiss anything they hear that doesn't come from an approved source. You can repeat your truth 'till you're blue in the face and all you'll get from the GOP base is blinking, blank stares, and a shrug of the shoulders. They lost interest in the truth about 30 years ago, and whatever part of the brain would have allowed them to hear you atrophied a long, long time ago. They now only respond to stimulus that is pitched in the voice of Rush Limbaugh or one of his dopplegangers.

Originally Posted by Parallax View Post
I hope Bob & co. make sure Ms. Mangu-Ward issues a correction.
I love and greatly appreciate Bob and his staff, but I suspect the most they will consider doing is reprimanding you for using the "L" word (lie). Bob has explained on many occasions that the "L" word is unacceptable discourse.
"All for ourselves, and nothing for other people, seems, in every age of the world, to have been the vile maxim of the masters of mankind." -- Adam Smith

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