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Default Re: Cylons and Voltron and Zombies! Oh My!

I haven't watched yet, but on Gingrich and Obama's health care plan, I saw three of the Republican debates and in two of them Gingrich was pushing the Chile pension plan.

Out of curiosity I looked it up and it seems to be based on the same idea as Obama's health care. It forces people to buy private pensions for their retirement. The pensions are managed by private companies, but under government regulations, presumably to prevent them from getting into investments that would cheat the people.

We have a compulsory pension plan in Canada that is similar except it's run by an "arms length" board, i.e. an outfit independent of the government. It did well through the financial crisis. The only problem with it is that it's too small, both benefits and payments are small. Most people think it should be increased, in payments and benefits. But, the Conservative government doesn't like the idea of it being compulsory because it's supposedly contrary to personal freedom. So they're going to do something that will involve the private insurance companies, and wont be compulsory. Sounds worse than the Chile plan.

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