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Default Re: I think Matt was wrong ...

Originally Posted by DenvilleSteve View Post
the republican base wants the budget to be balanced. It wants America to be economically self reliant. Speaking that message to the base would not scare off centrist voters.
As kezboard notes, there is a world of difference between speaking to the general public and running in the GOP primaries. It appears to be unanimously agreed upon among virtually everyone who runs for the Republican nomination that letting anyone outrun you to your right is an unacceptable risk. Additionally, there are specific boxes (Muslins=existential threat, AGW=false, abortion=unambiguously evil, taxes=ditto, Jeebus+US=exceptional without qualification, etc.) that, again, no one running for the Republican nomination dares to leave unchecked.

As far as anyone who has any clout in these campaigns believes, it's a two-stage process: first you win the primaries by hurling more red meat and poison than everyone else, then you spend the general election pretending you spent the previous six months tossing little wrapped candies that no one could possible dislike.
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