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... It may end up being that the weakness of the rest of the GOP field, and the strong dislike the rest of them each engenders in some segment of the base, result in Pawlenty not being unable to overcome his past brush with reality on the AGW issue. But I think Matt is wrong to say that the issue is not important to voters, especially the ones likely to participate in Republican primaries.
not sure what this is all in reference to. The diavlog was too boring, could not watch after a few minutes. I do find it interesting to think about why no credible republicans are stepping forward to run the country. During the Bush 1 and 2 periods, there seems to have been very few national level republicans coming up thru the farm system. In 4 years time we will have Walker, Christie, Niki in South Carolina, Bobby in La ready to run. I fault both Bushes with not having advanced more political leaders thru the system. Giuliani should have been attorney general just to see him perform at the national level. Christie should have been in Washington.
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