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Default Re: asians in the library

Originally Posted by kezboard View Post
She was forced to leave the school? AFAIK, UCLA did nothing at all to punish her (which I think is the right decision). It's true that everyone likes to use new information to support their already-existing opinions, but it's really remarkable how you're able to take almost any event discussed on this board and use it to push your pet theory, regardless of how relevant it actually is. Wouldn't it be easier just to say that internet assholes saw an easy target for mockery in this girl (who is, herself, an internet asshole)? Or would you be willing to take other instances of internet pile-ons, like, say, the woman who fell into a shopping mall fountain, or the fat kid dancing with the light saber, and explain how they're evidence of the persecution of native-born white Republicans?
the president of UCLA issued a statement saying what she said was horrible, etc. The 20 year old girl got death threats. She has withdrawn from her school.

It is not just internet trolls who are making a big deal about this. Search on asians in the library on youtube. There are seemingly hundreds of response videos. I think it is useful to watch the videos to get an understanding of asian culture in america. I was not aware so many asian kids were adopting gangsta rap mannerisms. ( And when you read the comments you see there is a running debate about that. )

The country is going to implode financially. American society is splintering. Republican/Democrat. Asian/Hispanic/Black/White. Midwest/South/east coast/west coast. I think all the things the feds concern themselves with are going to become more and more insignificant. Just like what is happening to Obama and Biden now.
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