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Default I think Matt was wrong ...

... at the end of the diavlog about the significance of a candidate's stance on AGW. He might be right that it's not the most important thing in a voting for sense, such that a candidate wouldn't get much electoral traction by emphasizing mitigation plans over other campaign planks, but it seems ever more obvious that it's become a shibboleth for Republicans to be denialists, lest their base turn on them. The recent doings in Congress -- now so extreme that there was unanimous voting against amendments to bills that merely recognized the problem exists -- indicates this. So does flip-flopping by Republicans who used to be comfortable with acknowledging the problem. Pawlenty is not the only one; Lindsey Graham is fairly infamous for this, too.

It may end up being that the weakness of the rest of the GOP field, and the strong dislike the rest of them each engenders in some segment of the base, result in Pawlenty not being unable to overcome his past brush with reality on the AGW issue. But I think Matt is wrong to say that the issue is not important to voters, especially the ones likely to participate in Republican primaries.

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