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Default Re: UN Plaza: The Millennium Promise (Mark Leon Goldberg & John McArthur)

I haven't watched this diavlog yet. But I want to respond to your comment.

Our country is going through a difficult time, and many people who had never had to figure out how to make ends meet, have to do so now. It's very understandable that in that context you will have to establish priorities. There will be plenty of time in the future to get involved with other causes. It looks like right now you need to take care of your own family and you shouldn't feel guilty about that. We all go through difficult times when we just don't have emotional or material resources left to help others.

But, you also should consider that this country is very resourceful. There have been worse times and it has come out successfully. I believe the same will happen this time. When Obama was elected, for a number of different reasons -- including some that had nothing to do with him but rather with what had been incubating in the years that preceded his election -- some old structures in this country were shaken. It is natural and to be expected that there would be a counter reaction and that's what we're witnessing. However, the true direction that the country will take will be coming from the younger crowd, who by every measure has a much more progressive leaning.

You and your family will get through all this successfully. It doesn't matter how insurmountable the difficulties appear to be now, this is just a phase and you will get through. You may need to make some adjustments but remember that keeping your hope and optimism is more important for your children's future welfare than finding a better preschool program.

Sorry for the unsolicited words here, but most people have been through difficult times at one time or the other in their lives, and sometimes there are important lessons to be learned and shared with others that may find them helpful. Best luck to you.
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